GIRD Digital Radio

GIRD Systems’ Digital Radio (GDR) is a flexible, reconfigurable, multi-channel Software Defined Radio (SDR) with powerful high-speed signal processing resources. The GDR is built around a core single board module that can be configured to satisfy a broad range of requirements for both embedded and stand-alone systems. The GDR covers a wide frequency range and can be configured to operate with one or two independent full or half duplex transceivers in single channel or MIMO configurations.

VHDL IP Core Circuit.png

IP Cores

GIRD Systems, Inc. IP cores are highly configurable, hardware-agnostic, resource efficient, inferred VHDL implementations of many digital signal processing (DSP), communications, and electronic warfare (EW) algorithms. Our IP cores also provide portable code that can be targeted to Xilinx, Altera, and Microsemi FPGAs, as well as ASICs and other synthesis targets without the need to rewrite the underlying code. Thus, significantly reducing the time-to-market for multi-target designs. Contact us for more details about our IP offerings.