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Awarded NSC Contract to Develop the Next Generation Intelligent Reconfigurable Transceiver

GIRD Systems, Inc., developer of custom signal processing solutions for the most challenging problems in the areas of waveforms, communications systems, and electronic warfare, has been awarded a contract to develop a Robust and Reprogrammable Payload for Utilization of Contested Spectrum (RRPUCS). On this National Spectrum Consortium (NSC) contract, the RRPUCS Program aims to develop a new open architecture prototype system consisting of RF hardware, firmware, and software that can be integrated into DoD capabilities, platforms, and Spectrum Dependent Systems (SDS) that face co-existence challenges at home due to the Advanced Wireless Services (AWS-3) spectrum auction and the on-going trend of eliminating previously-exclusive military RF spectrum. DoD SDS also face operational challenges abroad due to the increasingly complex and congested electromagnetic environments with prevalent adjacent/co-channel interference and intentional and unintentional noise. RRPUCS will produce a multi-channel, wideband, direct-sampling digital transceiver (DTRX) with a flexible and digitally programmable embedded high-performance processing capability. GIRD’s teammates include BAE Systems, The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Geon Technologies, Georgia Tech Applied Research Corporation, Indiana Microelectronics, and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

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