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    GIRD Systems offers a variety of hardware-independent IP cores primarily focused on signal processing, digital communications, and interference mitigation. All GIRD Systems IP cores are available with source code.

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    GIRD Systems has developed an interference cancellation prototype for US Navy SPAWAR that uses a novel software-based algorithm to eliminate the effects of narrow in-band interference for DAMA SATCOM receivers.

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    GIRD Systems has developed proprietary algorithms to exploit signals of opportunity for geolocation and navigation when access to GPS is jammed or unavailable. An SBIR Phase II program has been completed and a prototype system has been built to demonstrate this capability. Using signals of opportunity, our system is able to detemine its absolute position using a few measurements.

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    Compressive sensing allows wide bandwidth processing beyond the limitations normally associated with device sampling rate limitations. GIRD Systems has built and demonstrated our compressive sensing techniques in GPU hardware for multiple projects. Applications for compressive sensing include SIGINT and COMINT systems as well as wide-bandwidth RADAR systems.

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    As new communications standards and protocols are adopted, realizing the improvements in the field requires porting the waveforms to new and existing platforms. GIRD Systems has experience working with a wide variety of communications platforms and can port waveforms to nearly any platform with sufficient processing resources.

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    GIRD has developed a novel algorithm for detecting the DOA of sources of unknown bandwidths and unknown center frequencies, which provides a wideband extension to well-known MUSIC algorithm and exploits some general signal characteristics to find the DOA of signal sources. A demonstration prototype has been built as part of the requirement of this Air Force SBIR Phase II Project.


Government and Industry Research and Development

GIRD Systems develops custom signal processing solutions to the most challenging problems in the areas of signal processing, communications and electronic warfare. Our engineering team specializes in algorithm development, waveform porting and hardware design that leverages the latest research and computing capabilities.

Our primary customers are in the Department of Defense and government agencies. We also provide consulting and design expertise for other defense contractors and industry. GIRD Systems develops hardware that utilizes both FPGAs and DSPs. We also develop scientific software and systems that support our advanced algorithm designs.

GIRD Systems’ team of engineers brings together a broad range of experience from both industry and academia. Our library of intellectual property includes advanced algorithms that apply to such areas as interference mitigation, geolocation, compressed sensing, and communications waveform design/porting.

We are always open to discussing new projects and opportunities for collaboration. Please contact us at info@girdsystems.com for more information.

GIRD Systems is a proud partner of Xilinx Alliance Program.