31 Oct
GIRD Systems Awarded NSC Contract to Develop the Next Generation Intelligent Reconfigurable Transceiver
Category: Contracts
GIRD Systems, Inc., developer of custom signal processing solutions for the most challenging problems in the areas of waveforms, communications systems, and electronic warfare, ...
21 Jun
GIRD Awarded USMC Ground Radio LPI/LPD Interference Mitigation Active Communication Antenna Contract
Category: Contracts
Abstract: GIRD Systems, Inc (GIRD) proposes an (LPI/LPD) interference mitigating (IM) active antenna (A2), simply referred to simply as the A2, module which both reduces the Uni...
01 Sep
GIRD Awarded Network Integration and Communication Through Jungle Canopy Barrier Contract
Category: Contracts
Abstract: The deep jungle canopy forms a natural radio frequency barrier blocking transmissions both into and out of the jungle canopy. In the Phase I effort, GIRD Systems devel...
25 Jul
GIRD Awarded Squad-level Technology to Detect and Counter UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) Contract
Category: Contracts
Abstract: The Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) threat has been growing almost exponentially, largely driven by the exploding availability of low-cost drone technology. The migrat...
01 Jul
GIRD Awarded Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) for Moderate Data Rate Communications (MMDR) Contract
Category: Contracts
Abstract: MUOS is the next generation Military Satellite Communication system providing military users with tactical satellite communications with much more capacity than existi...
25 Apr
GIRD Awarded Channel State Feedback for Closed-Loop Multi-User MIMO System Contract
Category: Contracts
Abstract: The proposed work focuses on the advancement of the MU-MIMO networking technology designed and studied in the Phase I effort. Algorithms and protocols will be updated ...
15 Aug
GIRD Awarded An Innovative Method For Drying Hay Contract
Category: Contracts
Abstract: This research supports the development of an innovative method of drying hay that will help to reduce farmers’ dependence on good weather for hay harvesting. Cur...
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