GIRD Systems Awarded NSC Contract to Develop the Next Generation Intelligent Reconfigurable Transceiver

Posted by: Patrick Cutno
Category: Contracts

GIRD Systems, Inc., developer of custom signal processing solutions for the most challenging problems in the areas of waveforms, communications systems, and electronic warfare, has been awarded a contract to develop a Robust and Reprogrammable Payload for Utilization of Contested Spectrum (RRPUCS). On this National Spectrum Consortium (NSC) contract, the RRPUCS Program aims to develop a new open architecture prototype system consisting of RF hardware, firmware, and software that can be integrated into DoD capabilities, platforms, and Spectrum Dependent Systems (SDS) that face co-existence challenges at home due to the Advanced Wireless Services (AWS-3) spectrum auction and the on-going trend of eliminating previously-exclusive military RF spectrum. DoD SDS also face operational challenges abroad due to the increasingly complex and congested electromagnetic environments with prevalent adjacent/co-channel interference and intentional and unintentional noise. RRPUCS will produce a multi-channel, wideband, direct-sampling digital transceiver (DTRX) with a flexible and digitally programmable embedded high-performance processing capability. GIRD’s teammates include BAE Systems, The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Geon Technologies, Georgia Tech Applied Research Corporation, Indiana Microelectronics, and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.