GIRD Systems joins the Xilinx Alliance Program

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New Milestone

GIRD Systems, Inc. is pleased to join the Xilinx Alliance Program, a worldwide ecosystem of qualified companies collaborating with Xilinx Inc. to further the development of All Programmable technologies. For over 10 years, GIRD Systems’ engineers have developed advanced digital signal processing and waveform FPGA designs based on Xilinx products. Through our acceptance into the Xilinx Alliance Program, we have access to early training on the latest Xilinx leading edge roadmap technology and engineering certification. This means that GIRD Systems often has knowledge early in the technology cycle, and how up and coming solutions may fit our customer’s needs. Our continued growth and refinement of our extensive IP core library will be further strengthened by our partnership with Xilinx and its ecosystem. “GIRD Systems has a long history of involvement with signal processing development for military tactical waveforms and US government advanced algorithm development. If you are looking for off the shelf or custom wireless IP for high performance Xilinx FPGAs, then GIRD is the company to contact.” – John Shanton, MILCOM System Architect, Xilinx, Inc.